HOTEL LIFE: Tips for GlobeTOTting

Hotel life isn't all breakfast in beds and plush terry robes when traveling with tots. With ten
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AIRPORT LIFE: Tips for traveling with tots

Flying with tots requires both navy seal training and a doctorate in patience. Neither of which
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Capsule Travel Wardrobe c/o Trunk Club

I love packing for a trip like this - it requires careful planning, decisive editing, and obsessive
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Routines amidst Adventure

We all look to our routines to give us a sense of consistency in our lives. While I love (and seek)


Life is either a daring adventure… (aka #HermerHoliday)

So, as I mentioned last week, one of the things that came out of our Burning Man experience was the realization that “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” We all get so much more when we push ourselves – when we are living just beyond our comfort zones. Matt and I […]


Marissa On Instagram

MEXICO here we come! 💞✈️🇲🇽 #HermerHoliday
Goodbye London. Miss you already.
Packing up 15 suitcases after 3 months on the road, saying goodbye (for now) to one home and hello (again) to another and I’m eating as much of this week-old leftover cake as I want #JudgeNot. See you tomorrow #losangeles x 🌈
quiet time... #HomeSweetHermer
Countryside #HermerFamily ❤️🇬🇧
cozy cotswolds ❤️❄️🇬🇧

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