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Life is either a daring adventure... (aka #HermerHoliday)

So, as I mentioned last week, one of the things that came out of our Burning Man experience was the


So for the last two weeks, I’ve been asked the same question one trillion times: “HOW WAS BURNIN
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Back-To-School Healthy Snacks and Lunches

I do love live television - there is a buzz I get about having an 'air' time - and prepping whatever

Kitchen Sink Frittatas

I could write an Ode to Frittata, there are so many reasons why I love them: they can be served hot


The Kids (Will Be) All Right

Matt and I try to escape a few times a year without the children for a little Mummy & Daddy time and even though we’ve had practice escaping, I still have a tough time every time we say goodbye for a few sleeps. Through the trips, we’ve found a few tricks that help us all […]


Marissa On Instagram

TAAAA-DAH! Our sleep charts and sleeping tips on the blog! (Tag a friend who needs some sleep!) marissahermer.com 🌛
We count our lucky stars (and our Sleep Chart Stars) - my sleep tricks for tots coming up on the blog tomorrow ⭐️ @masalababynyc
Today we're finding rainbow sprinkles in our hair and everywhere, memories of yesterday's #MuseumofIceCream
We went BANANAS #HermerFamily #MuseumofIceCream 🍌🍦 (more on instastories)
It’s Monday… feeling NUTTY? (p. 222) 🥜🙋
Do you ever go through weekend photos and suddenly your hangover makes perfect sense? (drunkface 😜)

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