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It’s the hit show on Bravo about living across the pond…we’re talking about “Ladies of London.”

A reality show about a group of American and British women trying to balance their social lives, businesses and families.

And, the biggest star of the show, Marissa Hermer moved to London to be with the love of her life, a British restaurateur.

Since Season 3 ended, Marissa and her family have decided to move back to southern California, where she’s originally from.

Drawing inspiration from both her American upbringing and British cuisine… Marissa wrote a new cook book called “An American Girl in London.’

Here to tell us about it and how you can meet her in person tonight, is Marissa Hermer

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    • Marissa Hermer
      Marissa Hermer says:

      oh thank you! yes, I’m really spending time on it – happy to hear you enjoy and love reading all of your feedback. Love xx Marissa


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