This time of year I get in a spring cleaning mode – I want to declutter and get-rid-of… As I write this, I’m staring at a couple enormous trash bags of clothing that are going to charity, and several more bags of our children’s clothes that they’ve sprouted out of.

BUT as I now have some extra hanger space (and I’m now officially sick of ALL OF MY CLOTHES and NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR – see blog title…), I thought a morning visit to my Trunk Club was in order. (Plus, they have the best kombucha ON TAP there which is another very good reason to visit). As I’ve used Trunk Club before, I just emailed my stylist and scheduled an appointment. She asked me for some direction on what to pull – so… as spring is here, I want some fun prints that I can mix and match, and also (always) stripes. I’m a bit stripes crazy – when I was packing for our Southeast Asia travels, the only print I brought on the trip were stripes, as I knew I would never get sick of them. Cute and chic and so versatile, stripes make anything feel like a classic.

When I arrived at Trunk Club, my stylist had two rails pulled for me – one of all stripes, and one of prints – with a few shoes and accessories (I’m IN LOVE with these Golden Goose sneakers, which I wasn’t planning on buying as I have a few pairs already, but I didn’t even know this color combination existed and I actually don’t know how I lived without them).

PRINTS CHARMING (mixing prints)


I HAVE TO HAVE THESE (honestly, they are different than the 4 other Golden Goose shoes I have!? Right?!)

Please excuse my hair in these next pics as I wasn’t planning on taking all these photos – but I just have to show you all how amazing the pieces are – and how fun this is. The truth is, is that I never actually go shopping. Gone are the days that I wander through shops, browsing amongst rails. I either see something on instagram that I like and then somehow hunt it down, or just wear the same uniform of jeans and a t-shirt or Stella McCartney trousers and tops… One of the reasons that I love Trunk Club is that their stylists pick out new pieces to jazz up my wardrobe – and I learn about new designers that I never heard of.

For example, when I wanted prints, I just wanted a bit of fun, and WOW did the stylist deliver – I love the combination of this Diane Von Furstenburg skirt with this Frame top – and if I really want to go wild, add this DVF jacket with it for some POWer. I love the stripes on this Rag&Bone top and the little hint of magenta that ties in with the DVF trousers. Mixing prints takes skill, but when it works, it WORKS so well – thankfully I can leave the skill to my stylist and then just have fun and feel fabulous.

Frame Striped Top, DVF skirt, DVF jacket – VOILA!

Rag & Bone Top, DVF trousers – this is such a FUN look!

I love this Saloni dress – which makes me just want to count down the days until we are back in London for a summer garden party, and the combination of this Frame striped top and this Vanessa Beard camp jacket ticks both boxes of my stripes-obsession and my charming prints (or Prince Charming?)

Loving this flowery Saloni dress for spring and summer parties (and my bag is Chloe that I picked up on another visit to Trunk Club in December)

I’ve always wanted a camo jacket but felt they are a little heavy – this Vanessa Beard jacket is perfect! And I didn’t even know I needed these jeans but now I LIVE in them and haven’t taken them off since this picture was taken.

My stylist also added in some pieces for me to try on that weren’t on my list – the new trouser-shape jean – which, just like the Golden Goose sneakers – I actually don’t know how I’ve gotten dressed without them in my closet. I’ll be wearing my trouser jeans ALL.THE.TIME (keep an eye out of them in my instagrams – I grabbed a white pair and a light blue pair from Frame…

I LOVE Stripes (I think I said that before?) AND I love FRAME (which I told my stylist – and HELLO! A Striped Frame shirt magically appeared on my rack of treasure at Trunk Club…

Anyway, if you’ve done your spring cleaning (clever you!) and you ALSO have some extra closet space, then you can sign up HERE to work with a Trunk Club stylist to add a spring into your wardrobe. Just try it – I promise I won’t steer you wrong! Happy Shopping (and I promise next time I take pictures of myself I will get my hair blown out)

XX Marissa

I’m loving this look – it is ALL DVF and I would never have put it together myself but it is sort of fabulous… (and this is why stylists exist!) x