Summer Lovin’ These Dresses

The truth is that it has taken me awhile to get with the fashion program here in Los Angeles. Immigrating with three young children is much more of an adventure than we ever imagined – and updating my wardrobe to be more LA-friendly has taken a backseat to settling the children into school, nesting in our house, and rebuilding our life on the west coast. It also means that I’m mostly wearing a mix of leggings and tank tops (in the hopes that I will actually get some cardio in – even if that means the school run is my exercise – which sometimes it seems to be totally exhausting… if i’m sweating it is exercise right?) or jeans and t-shirt (again, LA is casual… right?)

That said, I always felt much more ‘put together’ when we lived in London. London life was just more fashionable or rather, there were so many more ‘events’ to dress for. Here in Los Angeles, it is a beach day or BBQ day or something in between. Gone are my event clothes but I still yearn to dress up a bit. Enter SUMMER DRESSES!  Where as in London I had certain dresses for a day at polo or Henley or a summer garden party, in LA I’m wearing these dresses ALL. THE. TIME. It is more of lifestyle dressing over here on the West Coast but I’m learning that I can wear these dresses anytime to a ladies lunch or cocktails in Beverly Hills or around the house… and I feel right at home (wherever home is!)

Veronica Beard is my new favourite recent discovery, I love her cold-shoulder looks (my mom-tum still haunts me so I try to show a lot of shoulder which is the only part of my body that hasn’t changed shape over the last few babies!) I love the entire Zimmermann collection all the time for everything always, HVN is great for daytime dresses, and I love this yellow Kooples dress to stand out in the crowd.

Some favourites below – happy shopping!
Veronica Beard

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