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The combination of moving to Los Angeles (where everyone exercises ALL.THE.TIME) and also not being pregnant for the first time in forever (and I can finally move my body and push myself without the fear of impacting my baby bump) means that I am finally starting to get in shape.

oh AND that we’ve booked to go to Burning Man (eek!) where I’ve been told I will be naked in feathers and sequins for 3 days – and so I better get sweating so I don’t scare everyone on the playa.

So while I count down the days to Burning Man (gone are the days of the #bikinibody, bring on the #burningmanbody) and embracing life as an Angeleno… Pilates (check), Weight Lifting (check), Hiking (check), I’m also rethinking my exercise gear as I’m actually spending quite a lot of time wearing it!

In London, when I would escape for a run around Hyde Park, I would throw on my old college t-shirt and some ratty old spandex and sneak out of the house (so that the children wouldn’t see me leave but also so NO ONE would see me in my exercise wear. It was gross).

In Los Angeles, athleisurewear is a THING! At school drop-off, ALL the moms are wearing their athleisurewear – and not just because they’ve come from the gym but because they look GOOD in it!

When I first moved here, I panicked that I would start to wear spandex all the time – even when I wasn’t in a sweat. Palisades people wear their athleisurewear as CLOTHES. It’s true. But now I understand why – they look awesome! The thought of attending a group class in LA (which is THE thing to do here because there are so many amazing options, had me terrified as I’m pretty sure no one wants to see my old crumbly spandex.  Enter Natalie at SweatNSK. I met Natalie at a Girls Dinner in January and while I was in a tizzy about Palisades life (and questioning how and where I wear this athleisurewear), she told me about her shop SweatNSK and as she said, it is the answer to all my problems AND makes me want to workout more! AND she is so sweet and is giving anyone who shops on her site www.sweatnsk.com a discount if you type in my promocode MARISSA15 – so whether you are working on your #postbabybody or your #bikinibody or your #burningmanbody – you can look good doing it (and throw your gear on in the morning and you can look good on the school run too!)

All that said, I promise that I am still wearing real clothes and getting dressed in the morning – unless of course I am doing a pilates class or a boxing class or going hiking in which case, it is SweatNSK all the way.

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  1. Marissa Hermer
    Marissa Hermer says:

    Ohhh… I can’t remember and don’t have it with me but if you call SweatNSK ((310) 476-4636) they can help you! xx Marissa

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