My Jewellry Jam with Van Peterson

Once upon a time there was a girl who spent a lot of time in her husband’s Eclipse bar on Walton Street, and after a few too many Watermelon Martinis, she would wander across the street where Eric Van Peterson had a shop and the girl would browse around and discovered these Hammered Rose Gold Earrings and she had to have them because she knew she would wear them every single day.  And she did.  And she wore them in photoshoots and people would see the pictures and ask her where she got them, so she sent them to Van Peterson. And she wore them to show promotional events and to red carpet events and while filming Ladies of London and fans would tweet her where she got them – and so she sent them to Van Peterson. Eric then asked the girl if he could name the earrings after her – as he was getting so many inquiries about them.  Sure she said, and so he named them the Marissa Earring. This isn’t the end of the fairytale though…

I got to know Eric and after a few more watermelon martinis, I asked him to design some other jewellery for me – other pieces that I would wear every day, like the Marissa Earring. I was looking for the perfect bohemian summer earring that I would want to wear with summer dresses – and ta-dah – the Endless Summer Earring is either dangling in my ears or on my bedside table until the next evening.  I was also looking for a diamond hoop – everyday diamonds that were chic and subtle but also with a little bit of bling – and after some creative meetings, we designed the Perfect Diamond Hoop which really is perfect. I’ve also loved a pearl earring but wanted something a bit more imperfect than the perfect pearl – the Freshwater Pearls are perfectly imperfect and just beautiful.

Check out my entire Marissa Hermer x Van Peterson Collection and let me know what you think – I promise these pieces will be the ones in your dish by the sink or your bedside table – the pieces you always wear and you will live Happily Ever After.

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