Summer Picnics

Of course we love this time of year – mornings at the beach, afternoons in the pool and endless summer nights. BUT sometimes there are endless summer days as well – schools out and camp has ended and what to do with these empty endless days and a crew of toddlers to entertain?

We’ve made forts, we’ve sold lemonade, we’ve made play-doh animals of every species. This afternoon I was running out of ideas until I opened a box from Masala Baby and ta-dah – SUMMER PICNIC! 

Days like these I LOVE our Los Angeles life where I can throw open the doors to a lawn – and magically turn lunch into a fun activity. We made some Chunky Monkey Roll-ups (take one banana, smother it in almond or peanut butter, roll up handfuls of sprouts in a Coconut Wrap, and slice into rounds), gathered up our favourite cuddly toys to join us, and ate lunch al fresco. Maybe endless summer days aren’t so bad after all.

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