The Kids (Will Be) All Right

Matt and I try to escape a few times a year without the children for a little Mummy & Daddy time and even though we’ve had practice escaping, I still have a tough time every time we say goodbye for a few sleeps. Through the trips, we’ve found a few tricks that help us all get through the time away – so we can all enjoy our time away.

Videos vs Facetime: Our youngsters are just that – young. Jake (3) and Sadie (1) don’t always understand that they can’t reach into the phone and grab us – so we’ve found when we Facetime them to check in, they sometimes get distressed which actually doesn’t help anyone. They can’t understand why we aren’t upstairs in our bedroom – even though we were just on the screen of the phone. Filming a short video and texting it to whoever is caring for our children seems to do the trick – the kids know that we are thinking about them and we feel that we’ve been able to connect with them. They then film a video back – and ta-dah – a bit of ‘communication’ without the distress.

Little Presents: On the mornings that we aren’t all around the breakfast table, I wrap up little presents for the kids to open in our absence.  This isn’t Christmas morning but rather, just a little something that the kids can look forward to so they aren’t missing Mummy or Daddy too much. I usually schedule the presents so if we are away on a weekend, the present is something arts & crafts related that the kids can do during the day, and if it is during the week, a little toy to entertain them as they get ready for school.

Here are a few of my favourite little distraction toys:

bubbles, fun crayons and little activities for fiddily fingers always go down a treat!

I LOVE these little Parkland Pencil Cases and I’ve just filled them up with brand new crayons for the kids. At some point this will change I know, but right now, a pouch of new crayons is pretty much as good as it gets.

I can’t find any wrapping paper, but no matter. I just wrapped up the presents in white paper and wrote a little note – and my Mom will put these little goodies on the breakfast table in the mornings so the kids will see them when they come down for brekkie.

How Many Sleeps Post-its: Our kids have always loved this little game. It bookends the day with another little thought of Mummy & Daddy and helps them understand how time and how much longer we will be away. We pre-write all the post-it notes depending on how many ‘sleeps’ we will be away and then tape up these little cards next to their beds. At bedtime, the kids each take down one of the post-it notes to countdown our return.


Our Hamptons trip is only 4 sleeps – but for our munchkins, it does seem like a long time (and the truth is, if feels like a long time for Matt and me too!) So these little tricks help us all – we know that our children know that we are hugging them and thinking of them while we are away, and also helps them understand how much time is – and also, that we are going to come home at the end of it all which gives them a sense of comfort.

Do you have any tricks that you do with your kids when you travel? I’d love to know as I’m always adding to our repertoire!

Let me know your tricks in the comments section below – and I’ll try it out on our next trip away!




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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    A trick I learned from my mom was to leave behind a kiss! When my sister and I were little and my parents would travel, she would leave us each a kiss; we each picked out or favorite shade of lipstick, then she’d kiss a small piece of paper and laminate it. Then at bedtime we would still be able to have a “kiss” goodnight. I did this for my daughter as well, adding to the back of the paper our favorite little saying. It left the comfort of a kiss from mommy, for bedtime or whenever there was a missing-mommy moment 🙂

  2. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    I needed to read this tonight! I am going away for the first time without my kids, ahhhh! I have never left them and these are great ideas that I am going to use! I was also thinking of leaving some post it notes with little messages on them around the house for them to find. Thanks Marissa

  3. Marissa Hermer
    Marissa Hermer says:

    safe travels and hope you have a nice time away. enjoy yourself and remember, the kids will be alright! xx

  4. Marissa Hermer
    Marissa Hermer says:

    this is such an adorable idea! love this! we are going to add it to our routine! such a good one – thanks for sharing xx

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