California-ing my Closet with Trunk Club

So yes, Los Angeles living is very different than London life – in about a thousand different ways. We were expecting a change in weather (whoop whoop – sunshine!), food (avocados everyday all day), and lifestyle (is #HikingHermers a hashtag yet?). What I didn’t even think about was the change in wardrobe. That is where I turned to Trunk Club for their expertise in making the transition.

On one of our first days in Los Angeles in January, I took the children on an evening outing to the Santa Monica Pier (ps. this is NOT on my recommended LA list after our experience, it is seriously gritty … better to view the lights from afar than get up close). I dressed them in their London clothes – trousers, lace-up boots, button-down shirts and jumpers, and Sadie in her tights and a dress, and I dressed as I would for an outing in London – boots, tailored trousers, and a leather with fur accented ‘look at me’ jacket. We walked up to the pier and well, everyone did look at me – and us. We CLEARLY were not from around these parts. Our children looked WAY to posh and polished to be clambering around on the pier – and I just looked ridiculous – like I was ready for a stroll down Sloane Street rather than a few rounds of ski ball with the munchkins. I immediately ordered cotton t-shirts and fleece jackets for the kids – but I needed more help.

A week later, I had a photoshoot at the house and one of the magazine’s stylists was going through my closet and she asked me ‘Where are your CLOTHES!?’ I have rows and rows of cocktail dresses, polo dresses and tea dresses – and other rows of matching jumpsuits and tons of formal fabulous long jackets. ‘These are EVENT clothes, but where are your LIFE clothes!?’ She was right. I had outfits, but not go-about-my-day clothes. I’m not actually sure what I wore to go about my normal day in London, but clearly nothing was working here on the westside.

A couple weeks later Matt and I met some old friends for dinner at Jon & Vinny’s (now this IS on my recommended LA list) and after the dinner, my girlfriend looked at my Stella McCartney jumpsuit and said ‘oh how cute, you still get dressed up for dinner.’ OH GOODNESS. Here I was, back to driving on the right-hand side of the road, back to enormous pantrys and driveways and cars that can fit all of our children, and yet, I was still stuck in my London wardrobe.


Thank goodness – Trunk Club came to the rescue. As a born-and-bred Californian, I’m a forever fan of Nordstrom. I had heard about Trunk Club, Nordstrom’s personal styling and trunk service through my visits over the years to Nordstrom but now I actually needed some real help. And sure, I can dress myself and have my own personal style – but what I don’t have is time. I’m just not the type to spend a couple hours wandering through a department store or even scrolling through’s pictures of fashion week – and if I’m on any designer’s mailing list and get sent an email with their next collection, I usually unsubscribe. So TAH-DAH! Trunk Club (aka. my Fashion Fairy-Godmother) showed up and offered to California-ize my closet.

This is me having fun trying on clothes that were picked out JUST. FOR. ME! (WHEEE!)

This is me having fun trying on clothes that were picked out JUST. FOR. ME! (WHEEE!)

Here’s how it all went down:

Julianne, a Trunk Club stylist called me and we chatted through my style, what I’m looking for and what I was missing from my wardrobe (everything).

I headed to their Culver City location and walked into the Most. Amazing. Enormous. Styling Studio of Clothes and Accessories! The Trunk Club stylist greeted me with an entire rack of dresses, jackets, tops, jeans, pants, shoes and bags that she had chosen for me based on our chat – designers I had actually knew and loved and some new ones too.

Let the games begin! I worked my way through the rack and liked everything.

I've always been a 'pocket' girl - this APC dress is my new fav

I’ve always been a ‘pocket’ girl – this APC dress is my new fav

Julianne nailed it. I picked up a couple great day dresses (APC is my new favorite brand for easy casual dresses), I had NO idea that Steve Madden made the shoes I’m been pining after (they were so cheap I bought them in every color), Julianne convinced me that I can pull off denim shorts (I guess I am a born-and-bred California girl right?), and tank tops and shirts that I need and that are LIFE clothes.  And I fell in love with the perfect leather jacket (of course it is Balenciaga) and the perfect little leather pants (Rag & Bone) – BUT the pants weren’t in my size and SO she is sending them to me, free of charge, in another trunk – along with a few more beach dresses that she thinks will work for my days at the Beach Club with the kids. Of course I have ‘resort’ wear for being on holiday in Europe but afternoons at the beach require something different. Anyway, that is coming in a few days and I’m hooked, all without a fee! FREE STYLING! (get it? see what I did there? FREE STYLING?) Oh dear, it is late and its been a long day so I’ll just jump to the punchline before I tell any more bad jokes:

The moral of the story, check out Trunk Club – just click here  and happy shopping. You will discover some pieces that are so YOU but you never knew it! And everything that you’ve been missing in your life. Never again will I show up to the Santa Monica Pier in fur. (Actually, I’m never going there again anyway…)

Some of my denim picks below…

hello CALIFORNIA GIRRRRRL (I bought them in 2 colors)

hello CALIFORNIA GIRRRRRL (I bought them in 2 colors)


I would NEVER have chosen this length short for me but I actually haven't taken them off since I bought them - LOVE.

I would NEVER have chosen this length short for me but I actually haven’t taken them off since I bought them – LOVE.


These are the perfect MOM jeans with a Current Elliot muscle t. Basically my new California uniform. (check!) Thank you Trunk Club!

These are the perfect MOM jeans with a Current Elliot muscle t. Basically my new California uniform. (check!)

SO what is your favorite outfit that my trunk stylist chose for me – AND what are you going to choose when you sign up here? Let me know! I love hearing from you guys!

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  1. Marci Tatham
    Marci Tatham says:

    Thanks to you, I found Trunk Club! I hate shopping and don’t have the patience. I’m in the middle of working with a stylist as we speak. Can I just borrow your trunk?!! Xo

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