AIRPORT LIFE: Tips for traveling with tots

Flying with tots requires both navy seal training and a doctorate in patience. Neither of which I have, but I’ve made enough mistakes along the way and I’ve had enough practice that I do have a few tips when flying with tots.  Before you even get in the air, you still need to navigate the airport – and with the chaos of crowds and the joys of delays – airport life itself is an adventure. Obviously, the more time you give your family for checkin, the less stressful the entire experience is. There is nothing worse than running through an airport, dragging your screaming children behind you, trying to catch a plane. (We did this once years ago, and we won’t ever make that mistake again). The second time, is to be prepared. If you are organized, it can really be seamless. Here are my tried and tested airport tips for happy tots (AND mummies and daddies):

+ BABYZEN YOYO stroller: You need a stroller that you can fold up easily and tuck in the overhead compartment – so you won’t have to wait for your stroller on the runway or at baggage claim. There is nothing worse than being the first one off the plane – and then having to wait (while your child(ren) have a tantrum on the floor of the airport) for your stroller. I’ve tried several travel strollers over the years – and the Babyzen Yoyo is the sturdiest, the chicest, and the easiest to fold up. I only discovered it with Sadie – BUT am getting a lot of good use out of it now. I also love the clip on umbrella (has been perfect for sunny strolls) and also zip on footmuff (for chilly London mornings).

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller essential for overhead airport packing

+ LO & SONS Catalina Deluxe Tote Bag and Fjallrraven Backbacks for the kids: This is the perfect tote bag for kids. Not only does it match my grey yoyo – it is light and I just swing it over my yoyo or my arm. It is permanently connected to my yoyo hanging from the back – the bottom zip compartment holds all of Sadie’s extra nappies and change of clothes for her – and a t-shirt for the boys (should disaster strike – it inevitably does) and inside has plenty of room for all the essentials. And I love all the secret hidden pockets – for all the extras that you need along the way. For the kids, I love the Fjallraven Kanken mini backpacks. Big enough to carry their earphones and a snuggly and a snack, and small enough for them to carry on their back. I always think, the bigger the bag, the more you fill it – so I wanted smaller backpacks for the kids as otherwise inevitably they want to fill them up and then the bags are too heavy and they won’t want to carry them. So here, problem solved. Perfect size, very durable, and super cute.

Catalina Deluxe Tote Bag from Lo & Sons that I’m obsessed with – casual, chic, and has so many great hidden pocket for airport essentials.

+ AWAY Carry-on: Not only is this the most genius luggage ever (charging station within!) but also sleek and chic – which makes me feel more organized. If it looks good, I feel better and calmer – and the entire experience is nicer for everyone. AND when I know I can charge the kids’ iPads, I feel like I’ve got money in the bank. AND these carry-ons are lightweight and roomy inside, so I can pack as many travel treats and snacks as I want.

+ Ipads & Headphones: This is obvious (duh!) – I’m not the perfect mother who keeps her children entertained with wooden toys on a long-haul flight – of course we have some great inflight travel crafts and tricks BUT I always have a well-stocked iPad for each child before we travel.  I love these indestructible ipad cases and these kids headphones by lilgadgets.

+ Iphones: I also upload games and tv shows to my phones as well – JUST. IN. CASE. Always good to have extra entertainment – trust me. You might not need it, but if you do, you will be grateful.

+ Charger and Adapter: If you have your AWAY Carry-on with you, just remember to bring your cord and you are set. If you don’t have a charging carry-on (silly you and get with the program!), bring an adapter just in case.

+ Apps & TV: Our favorite apps are Hip Hop Hen (for reading and writing on the go – the boys love it and makes me feel like I’m not a useless mom sticking my kid in front of a video game) and Mickey Mouse’s Color & Play. I’m also a huge fan of – so I download a few new stories for the munchkins to listen to.

+ Travel Treats: I always have a plastic bag (the best are the pack of 3 from Marks & Spencer – you get all 3 but I tend to use the smallest bag for packing in carryons) but any clear zip cosmetic bag will do with a few travel treats, a few small crafts (my favorite are these small foam craft kits from Baker & Ross), and a card game (Spot It and Woodland Happy Families are small enough to be tucked into a little backpack and hours of fun.) More on the best travel crafts and travel card games for kids in an upcoming post.

+ Snack Pack: Fill another M&S clear zip bag – again the small one – with snacks – more on the best travel snacks for the whole family in an upcoming post.

+ Carry-on First Aid Kit: Fill ANOTHER M&S clear zip bag – the smallest one – with all you need for your flight (bandaids, children’s tylenol, stickers, couple sticks of chewing gum (for tears), vaseline, cool pack…), again, watch this space for another blog post on travel first aid.

+ Pacifier Connector: Sadie doesn’t use a pacifier normally, but I like to keep one on hand for when we travel – for sucking during take off and landing and also just generally calming when necessary. A strap keeps it connected to her and not on the floor.

+ ADEN & ANAIS Security Blanket: When Matt and I started thinking about starting a family (a thousand years ago), we didn’t want having babies to hamper our travels – of course traveling would change, but we still wanted to explore the world – even if it meant throwing our kids on our backs. Our maternity nurse Patricia recommended these Aden & Anais security blankets as a lovie for our baby Max. Rather than a stuffed animal, these are easy to wash, you can buy and pack a few (easy to fold small), and also are GREAT for putting over tired eyes as a mini blackout on planes or in airports. I always stuff one of these for each child in the front zip of his or her backpack. Max rarely takes his out anymore, but just likes knowing it is there. Jake loves to hold his on the plane, and Sadie loves playing peek-a-boo with hers (and snuggling with it of course).

So now you have it. You have a few clear (so you can see inside) small zip bags of emergency answers – first aid, snacks, and travel treats – and a few other essentials. Oh, and remember to check that you all have your passports before you walk out the door.

I promise to do more posts – to get you out of the airport and into the air – until then, sending love from Vietnam (where we’ve just survived another flight from Hoi An to Hanoi).

Love xx

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