Empowering Women through Exotic Scents

My London girlfriend has made the move to Los Angeles, which is SO nice to have an old friend in town, but also she is pretty incredible… Amy, besides being an amazing mother to two gorgeous boys, is the creator of Sana Jardin, the first socially conscious luxury fragrance house. Through her fragrances, she is supporting the women of Morocco – and so through this blog post, telling you all about Sana Jardin, the circle continues.

Sana Jardin was created with the belief that a bottle of perfume can transform lives and change the way business is done, empowering the workers at the source of the luxury fragrance industry. Through Amy’s luxury fragrance, she teachers social enterprise skills and enables female harvesters in Morocco to epicycle floral waste from perfume production into a line of candles and orange blossom water, for sale through their own cooperative which retains 100% of the sales.

I love rituals, so in reading about Sana Jardin, I love learning that high priestesses used fragrance and essential oils to heal and elevate themselves to higher realms and that female orange blossom harvesters were called upon for their delicate touch and calm demeanor.

Equally as important as the social justice, Sana Jardin smells gorgeous – the seductive jasmin, heady amber, and warm sandalwood bottles the secret garden of social justice.

Check Sana Jardin out here – you will love the gorgeous scents (and along the way, will be helping other women)

Love x