MAVERICKS: Tasty, junk-free snacks which fuel dragon-battling, pirate-catching and dinosaur-riding adventures. Not for grown-ups. ⚡️

Happy New Year Friends!

For the last year, we’ve been quietly working on a product that I’m SUPER excited about – and wanted to share it with you as it might help you out with filling hungry tummies (and keep your kids happy). WARNING: Stop reading this now if you are based in America, as we are launching Mavericks in the UK first and then coming to America soon – but not yet…

The background: While we’ve been in California for the last couple years, our children have grown from little tots to kids. We’ve grown from our Monkey Music and St. Luke’s babyswing to a non-stop rotation of different sports and activities – and everything the California lifestyle brings.  When we moved here, whether it was the American way of life or the change from tot to kid, I noticed a change in their eating habits.  While in London, our little tot activities were close to home and they had their cut-up Veg & Fruit or Cheese & Crackers at our kitchen table. They seemed to be on their schedules, and I always knew when they were going to need their afternoon tea time or their mid-morning snack. It was all so wonderfully English and structured. Now in California, we are ALWAYS. ON. THE. GO.

From long days out on the beach to hikes in the hills to never-ending sports tournaments or much longer car trips (it takes us 10 minutes to get a pint of milk rather than a pop around to the corner shop!), suburban life combined with older children means that I need to keep these hungry tummies filled in a new and different (and FUN!) way.

Lunch offering in our London schools was also incredible! I remember all of the schools I saw when I toured around (and eventually when Max went to Knightsbridge) had school-prepared snacks and lunches that were warm and nutritious. Morning routines involved getting him in his blazer and wool cap, but not packing a lunch for him as well.

Cut to America where the lunch offering at our California schools is sub-par (for example, at Max’s Charter School, the cafeteria’s favorite dish are hamburgers IN microwavable plastic bags). So American Mom’s pack our children’s lunches as there isn’t a decent school-provided lunch. Which means that every morning in my attempt to give my children fuel for the day, I’m packing three different lunches, five days a week. And by Wednesday morning, I’m banging my head against a wall – the options are either chopping up tons of fruit and vegetables and finding healthy crunchy snacks (which will likely come back untouched in the lunchbox that afternoon) OR grabbing snack-packs of GoldFish, day in and day out.

I couldn’t find the easy-to-grab, easy-to-pack, snack-on-the-go, in a kids size that would fill up their tummy just enough until their next proper meal. Snacks that were healthy but didn’t look too healthy that my kids wouldn’t eat them. I simply cannot ‘trick’ them to eat healthy. They are smarter than I think – and they want ‘FUN’ looking snacks that taste good, they want snacks with a ’toy’. They want to have something fun to talk about at the lunch table or on the soccer field. They want to show off to their friends that they have something cool. And though I’ve never been a health nut, I do see the impact that rubbish food has on our children – they are happier, nicer, and generally more pleasant with better food – and quite the opposite with sugary snacks. I’m sure you all do to.

So now, enter Mavericks!

For completely selfish reasons of wanting to provide our children with a snack that was all-natural, non-GMO, fun, healthy, and easy, we’ve created Mavericks. Mavericks gives my kids the energy for all the important things they do (chasing pirates, tickling sleeping hippos…) but also it is junk-free, nutritionally balanced and super tasty. We’ve launched with four snack selections (with more in development) in three different flavors, so that daily Mavericks snacking is never boring.

In the adventure that is feeding a family of three young children, I’ve learned that when my children choose their own snacks, they are more likely to eat them. When I get them involved in the process, they are empowered. If I choose the snacks, thinking they will like them, but without getting their stamp of approval, the lunch box will come back untouched (and they’ve probably gobbled their friends’ foods or are HANGRY).

So in creating Mavericks, we’ve designed the website so that your children can choose what goes in their Mavericks boxes – they can mix and match and choose the products that they actually want. And they can choose their own stickers as well as a collectable card. So when it comes to opening their snacks with their friends, they’ve got the swag… cards to collect, stickers to stick…

OH, and the delivery boxes are also great for pimping out their forts with a TV or dressing up as a robot (daily essentials!)

Pimp out your blanket fort with our TV delivery box OR become a robot with this robotic head. And our dart board makes for afternoon target practice…

Because, being a kid should be fun. We’ve had fun building this brand – and I hope you and yours enjoy it too.

Check us out – and use the code FREESNACKS for your first box on us. I’d love your feedback and also if you can think of any events or seeding opportunities for us as we build our brand, please send along! Drop me a note – or tag @mavericksnacks and me (@marissahermer) in your social media posts – and let me know what you think… we love to hear from our friends and our little Mavericks.

Thank you for reading and for your support. Love always to you and your little Maverick(s), xx Marissa

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