This time of year I get in a spring cleaning mode – I want to declutter and get-rid-of… As I write this, I’m staring at a couple enormous trash bags of clothing that are going to charity, and several more bags of our children’s clothes that they’ve sprouted out of.

BUT as I now have some extra hanger space (and I’m now officially sick of ALL OF MY CLOTHES and NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR – see blog title…), I thought a morning visit to my Trunk Club was in order. (Plus, they have the best kombucha ON TAP there which is another very good reason to visit). As I’ve used Trunk Club before, I just emailed my stylist and scheduled an appointment. She asked me for some direction on what to pull – so… as spring is here, I want some fun prints that I can mix and match, and also (always) stripes. I’m a bit stripes crazy – when I was packing for our Southeast Asia travels, the only print I brought on the trip were stripes, as I knew I would never get sick of them. Cute and chic and so versatile, stripes make anything feel like a classic.

When I arrived at Trunk Club, my stylist had two rails pulled for me – one of all stripes, and one of prints – with a few shoes and accessories (I’m IN LOVE with these Golden Goose sneakers, which I wasn’t planning on buying as I have a few pairs already, but I didn’t even know this color combination existed and I actually don’t know how I lived without them).

PRINTS CHARMING (mixing prints)


I HAVE TO HAVE THESE (honestly, they are different than the 4 other Golden Goose shoes I have!? Right?!)

Please excuse my hair in these next pics as I wasn’t planning on taking all these photos – but I just have to show you all how amazing the pieces are – and how fun this is. The truth is, is that I never actually go shopping. Gone are the days that I wander through shops, browsing amongst rails. I either see something on instagram that I like and then somehow hunt it down, or just wear the same uniform of jeans and a t-shirt or Stella McCartney trousers and tops… One of the reasons that I love Trunk Club is that their stylists pick out new pieces to jazz up my wardrobe – and I learn about new designers that I never heard of.

For example, when I wanted prints, I just wanted a bit of fun, and WOW did the stylist deliver – I love the combination of this Diane Von Furstenburg skirt with this Frame top – and if I really want to go wild, add this DVF jacket with it for some POWer. I love the stripes on this Rag&Bone top and the little hint of magenta that ties in with the DVF trousers. Mixing prints takes skill, but when it works, it WORKS so well – thankfully I can leave the skill to my stylist and then just have fun and feel fabulous.

Frame Striped Top, DVF skirt, DVF jacket – VOILA!

Rag & Bone Top, DVF trousers – this is such a FUN look!

I love this Saloni dress – which makes me just want to count down the days until we are back in London for a summer garden party, and the combination of this Frame striped top and this Vanessa Beard camp jacket ticks both boxes of my stripes-obsession and my charming prints (or Prince Charming?)

Loving this flowery Saloni dress for spring and summer parties (and my bag is Chloe that I picked up on another visit to Trunk Club in December)

I’ve always wanted a camo jacket but felt they are a little heavy – this Vanessa Beard jacket is perfect! And I didn’t even know I needed these jeans but now I LIVE in them and haven’t taken them off since this picture was taken.

My stylist also added in some pieces for me to try on that weren’t on my list – the new trouser-shape jean – which, just like the Golden Goose sneakers – I actually don’t know how I’ve gotten dressed without them in my closet. I’ll be wearing my trouser jeans ALL.THE.TIME (keep an eye out of them in my instagrams – I grabbed a white pair and a light blue pair from Frame…

I LOVE Stripes (I think I said that before?) AND I love FRAME (which I told my stylist – and HELLO! A Striped Frame shirt magically appeared on my rack of treasure at Trunk Club…

Anyway, if you’ve done your spring cleaning (clever you!) and you ALSO have some extra closet space, then you can sign up HERE to work with a Trunk Club stylist to add a spring into your wardrobe. Just try it – I promise I won’t steer you wrong! Happy Shopping (and I promise next time I take pictures of myself I will get my hair blown out)

XX Marissa

I’m loving this look – it is ALL DVF and I would never have put it together myself but it is sort of fabulous… (and this is why stylists exist!) x


Routines amidst Adventure

We all look to our routines to give us a sense of consistency in our lives. While I love (and seek) adventure and the unknown, I also revel in the comforts of the known and the familiar. The next few months is a true adventure for our family – we are going back to London as a family (we haven’t been back all together since we left last December) and then we are continuing on for a Southeast Asia adventure for a couple months – and then back to London for a few weeks to say goodbye to our home.

As I started packing for this upcoming trip (and editing my luggage so I wouldn’t be taking half a closet with me), I had to think strategically about everything that I absolutely needed for both London and Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. What are my essentials? What do I need to prepare me for every day, whether we are seeing friends and family in London or saying goodbye to the home we built or on a junk boat in Halong Bay in Vietnam?

When we first moved to Los Angeles and I was trying to make this new town feel like home, a girlfriend shared some well-received advice. She told me to carve out routines and things that are familiar – we went to Farmers Market every Sunday morning in London as a family – and so we started doing this in Los Angeles, and suddenly, we felt at home. We went to dim sum in London every Sunday afternoon, and as soon as we added this into our Sunday routine, our new life suddenly felt more familiar.

I’ve always started the day the same way – wake up and put on my robe (I’ve just been sent this Parachute Robe which I LOVE!) and boil the kettle for a hot water and ginger (I love this Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder) and then a cup of my favorite English Breakfast Tea (Royal Blend by Fortnum & Mason is my favorite and comes in such a pretty tin that the kids love to play with afterwards…)
Since we moved to Los Angeles and I’ve jumped on the wellness wagon, I’ve also added another two steps to my morning routine – a glass of Green Vibrance which we call swamp water in our house (it takes pretty horrific but it is so jammed with vitamins that it has to be good for me – and the face I make when I drink it sends all the children into fits of squeals which they love…) and finally a morning shake of either The Clean Program or Nuzest Clean Lean Protein which I blend with half a frozen banana and a handful of blueberries and a spoonful of almond butter. (Depending on what I’m needing and how I’m feeling, I also play scientist in the kitchen and might chuck in a handful of spinach and half an avocado…) Both the swamp water and the shake additions to my morning routine have been incredibly helpful, giving me a dose of vitamins and also now our school days start SO early and with three kids that I’m getting ready out the door, I have no time to feed myself – so I multitask and drink my shake and tea in the car on the way to drop-off…

While I was packing, and thinking about the importance of routine admits the chaos, I’ve added Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend teabags (easier for grab & go while traveling than the tea leaves), Green Vibrance (comes in individual sachets which makes it so easy!) and my Clean Program shakes (my favorite is chocolate – and if you buy the entire cleanse it comes in little sachets which makes easier for traveling). AND because we will be in London for a few weeks upon our return from Southeast Asia (and I will likely be wanting some creature comforts after braving Thailand jungles…) I’ve also packed my favorite Parachute Robe.

My girl scout training taught me to be prepared – and my experience moving, and the importance of routines has reminded me that if we even have just one thing a day that is familiar, then I can brave the adventure. So I’m prepared for it all – robe and swamp water in hand!

What are your little routines that help you get through the day? Comment below and let me know – as I’m always looking to add more little moments to my day.

Life is either a daring adventure… (aka #HermerHoliday)

So, as I mentioned last week, one of the things that came out of our Burning Man experience was the realization that “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” We all get so much more when we push ourselves – when we are living just beyond our comfort zones. Matt and I are both inspired more – as parents, as a couple, and as entrepreneurs, when we are living just beyond the edge. This isn’t to say that we don’t love our nights in pajamas with a good boxset (Ozarks anyone?!) but we’ve learned that it is all about the mix for our family.

A couple things happened this last month in the Hermer household: 1. We signed on our first restaurant site in Los Angeles (YAY! – proper announcement to come when we get all our ducks in a row) but due to timing, this won’t open until 2018 so we have a window of time before we need to get working on it 2.: I’m working on a new EXCITING project (YAY!) but the first few months of my new startup can be done remotely. 3. As we make Los Angeles our home, we’ve decided to sell our home in London. 4. We learned that California law requires children to be formal school from the 1st grade (our eldest Max is in Kindergarten this year).

Suddenly, we realized that we have a pocket of time in our lives as a family to do whatever we want. As we are going to sell our home in London, I wanted to go back to London and say goodbye to the home we built and where we raised our family. Building the house was Matt and my first big project together – it really was a labor of love. And though the time is right to close that chapter as we live our California chapter, I also think it is important for us as a family to say goodbye to our London home.

Max and Jake have also been missing their London friends and family – in particular, Max misses the London rainy puddles, Jake misses the big red buses, and we miss our friends and family (I’m not forgetting Sadie here, but to be honest, she is pretty happy if she is on my hip). So we thought that it would be a good time to go back to London, say goodbye to our home, and visit friends and family.

And then, Matt and I thought, well, we are in London, and we have some time – lets do something else… while we still can. While we still can educate our children in the school of life – before 1st grade starts. So, we’ve gotten a bit adventurous and in the spirit of YOLO (and hatching this plan in Burning Man – uh oh!), we’ve booked tickets from London to Southeast Asia FOR 8 WEEKS. Are we crazy? YES! Are we excited? YES YES YES!

Though we are still in the process of planning the trip (which does give me some level of anxiety as we are leaving for London on October 1st – less that 2 weeks!), we’ve decided to throw Sadie on our backs with Max and Jake in our hands and head to Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Even as I write this, I’m thinking WHAT ARE WE THINKING and yet, this year has been all about adventure and Matt and I want to continue it as long as we can, while we can.

While our children are young, we want to soak them up – away from the screens and away from the daily schedule of life – and actively make memories as. SO in the next 10 days, we’ve got a lot to do. First of all, if anyone has suggestions on where to stay or what to do in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Vietnam, please comment below! AND if you have suggestions on what to bring traveling with young children – comment below! The next 10 days are going to be crazy as we try to plan this trip, pack for everything from London life to Angkor Wat for a family of 5, and wrap up the work that we’ve started in LA, so that when we come back in January, we can hit the ground running.

Wish us luck – and of course I will be figuring it out along the way – so expect more blog posts on how to get through an around the world trip with toddlers (and enjoy it).

Love xx

Below are a few pix from our attempts to get our Southeast Asia visas. For years, we’ve always said SMILE when a camera is shoved in our children’s faces – so needless to say, Max, Jake, and even Sadie are well trained to say CHEEEEESE when they see a lens. For visa pictures though, they DON’T want a smile. You are just supposed to look serious. I was crying with laughter trying to get our munchkins to be serious – it is SO hard to be serious during these moments…

Let the adventures begin!


Sadie is JUST starting to take a few steps. I’ve got to video her more as it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The CVS we went to in the Palisades also doesn’t really have a passport booth for pictures – we had to do a makeshift shopping cart situation to make her sit still for a moment.

Forget about getting Sadie to give the camera a serious face – we just had to get her to LOOK at the camera. It took our entire family – and some other shoppers – to get the shot.

This was taken before we explained that visa pictures were nonsmiling pictures. I’m not actually sure this is a smiling picture, but it is the face Max makes when we asked him to smile. Which is actually hilarious – and makes us all smile.

This is his serious face.

Jake trying not to smile. It is SO hard for a 3 year old to be serious!

We got there in the end! Perfect not-smiling picture!





The truth is that for the most part, life is pretty good. I love my husband, he is a great friend, supporter, partner, and father. And after a year of some tricky medical health scares, our three children are happy and healthy. I love my job titles as Wife and Mother and Entrepreneur – most of the time.
But sometimes I need a break from it all. I don’t want my children hanging on me or asking me their thousands of questions – and I don’t want to talk at all – to anyone, including my husband. I think the reason why I actually relish my role of Mother and Wife is because I am okay stepping away from it all – it helps give me perspective and actually appreciate it all.
I was talking to a girlfriend last night (rather it was the first Me-Time I’ve had in awhile as Matt and I work together, share an office, there are children forever calling MUMMY GIVE ME ATTENTION) and my girlfriend and I howled with laughter and drank too many margaritas and at the end of the night I literally feel like I’ve been to mommy rehab. I just needed a break from the life I know. Take me out of my Mother Role and Wife Role and let me look after myself and it was amazing.
Do you need a break? How to take one:
Figure out what your Me-Time is. I also say out loud, “I’m having some Marissa time.” It sort of makes me feel like it is actually happening and also reminds my family that the rest of the time, I am actually doing things for them – and so this Marissa time, however long it may be, isn’t actually being selfish, it is creating a sense of balance in the world. (Maybe I’m justifying it but it seems to work for me).
Create situations where you CAN have it. If you are like any woman out there, basically the entire planet depends on you. You can’t leave the baby in the crib and disappear for 3 hours nor can you leave the kids at school while you run away to mexico. But make a plan to sort out a babysitter or your in-laws to cover for you or your husband while you take the time you need.
It can be 20  minutes (a walk around the block always does the trick for me if I need a little space) or a weekend with girlfriends.
Embrace the guilt. Depending on how much Me-Time you take, you might feel guilty – as us Moms are really good about making ourselves feel guilty. It is one of my own personal strengths (along with making rosé disappear in minutes). It is just part of it, but what quickly outweighs the guilt is the feeling of me time. The space and solitude and creative space and energy that comes with that all.
Think of it as a mini vacation. Everyone knows that you are more productive at work if you take frequent breaks… that everyone needs a holiday.
After last night’s girlie giggle, this morning when I woke up, I loved my husband more than ever and appreciated my kids and guarantee that I’m a better wife and a mom because I’ve just had a little break from it all.  Might even plan another one tonight 😉