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Surviving Long-Haul Tot Travel

Well, we’ve been back from our travel adventures for a few weeks but with the holidays and three k

HOTEL LIFE: Tips for GlobeTOTting

Hotel life isn't all breakfast in beds and plush terry robes when traveling with tots. With ten
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AIRPORT LIFE: Tips for traveling with tots

Flying with tots requires both navy seal training and a doctorate in patience. Neither of which
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Capsule Travel Wardrobe c/o Trunk Club

I love packing for a trip like this - it requires careful planning, decisive editing, and obsessive



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BLOGPOST: Surviving LONG-HAUL travel with tots - all my tricks and tips to getting to the other side in one piece <marissahermer.com> *link in bio* ✈️ @penguino_travel @ploxlondon @planepal @_cozigo @loandsons
LA blowdry 🌪🦁💁‍♀️
Fever Fun at Hospital Hermer 🏥🤒
ATTN: 🇬🇧, it’s raining in LA and all I want is a cozy @BumpkinLondon supper (like this 👆🏻West Country Beef Balls with pea pudding and bone marrow gravy) - so I’m going to live through you and if you head to Bumpkin this week and mention this post, I’ll send you some bubbles 🥂 and will be toasting you from afar. 💋
LA Winter ❄️🍷 #TGIF @aessai_
Good Morning! Come follow me on my Mexico vacation (head over to @TrunkClubWomen and follow to see my insta takeover in all the outfits my @trunkclubwomen stylist picked out for me! xx

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