Packing for Romance

When I travel, there is so much to get ready. I have to plan care for my kids and answer about the ever important “what am I going to wear?” question. Enter my Trunk Club stylist. She makes it easy for me to get new pieces for my travels and takes that planning off my […]

Empowering Women through Exotic Scents

My London girlfriend has made the move to Los Angeles, which is SO nice to have an old friend in town, but also she is pretty incredible… Amy, besides being an amazing mother to two gorgeous boys, is the creator of Sana Jardin, the first socially conscious luxury fragrance house. Through her fragrances, she is […]

Capsule Travel Wardrobe c/o Trunk Club

I love packing for a trip like this – it requires careful planning, decisive editing, and obsessive organization, which satisfies all of my OCD tendencies perfectly. This three month trip is all about adventure – and packing for a family of five as we travel across 5 countries and 3 continents is nothing if it […]

California-ing my Closet with Trunk Club

So yes, Los Angeles living is very different than London life – in about a thousand different ways. We were expecting a change in weather (whoop whoop – sunshine!), food (avocados everyday all day), and lifestyle (is #HikingHermers a hashtag yet?). What I didn’t even think about was the change in wardrobe. That is where I […]

Summer Lovin’ These Dresses

The truth is that it has taken me awhile to get with the fashion program here in Los Angeles. Immigrating with three young children is much more of an adventure than we ever imagined – and updating my wardrobe to be more LA-friendly has taken a backseat to settling the children into school, nesting in our house, […]

My Jewellry Jam with Van Peterson

Once upon a time there was a girl who spent a lot of time in her husband’s Eclipse bar on Walton Street, and after a few too many Watermelon Martinis, she would wander across the street where Eric Van Peterson had a shop and the girl would browse around and discovered these Hammered Rose Gold Earrings and she had to have them […]


Confession: I’m a pajama expert. When I was on bedrest with Sadie, I spent a LOT of time in pajama. When my doctor first told me I was going to be on limited activity for the foreseeable future months, in order to lift my spirits, I forced myself to get excited about luxurious stylish sleepwear. […]